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Vega Borges Appointed New NPP Electoral Commissioner

By on June 23, 2016

SAN JUAN–Former Vega Baja mayor Aníbal Vega Borges was appointed electoral commissioner of the New Progressive Party (NPP) on Thursday, replacing engineer Jorge Dávila.

vega borges

Aníbal Vega Borges

Vega Borges, who began his run as mayor of Toa Baja in 2005, resigned as mayor of said municipality earlier today. Before his run as Toa Baja mayor, Vega Borges was a House representative for 12 years.

NPP president and candidate for governor Ricardo Rosselló announced Vega Borges’ appointment at the party’s headquarters where he also announced the appointment of Norma Burgos as NPP alternate commissioner.

Vega Borges now joins the working group of the new NPP president, who last week appointed William Villafañe as Secretary General in place of representative José Aponte Hernández.

“I trust in the leadership and knowledge of Aníbal alongside Norma’s abilities to direct this effort. Both complement each other and have all that is needed to lead our electoral team and to guarantee a more just and transparent process,” said Rosselló.

Rosselló rejected that Vega Borges is disqualified in his position by saying during the recent general primaries that his officials had to vote in open ballot, which is illegal according to the electoral law that requires vote secrecy.

He also added that besides Vega Borges, the team will have the help of attorney Manuel Herrero and party veteran Ramón Bauzá.

“We are going to have an electoral team like never before,” said Rosselló.

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