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Vega Ramos Leaves House PDP Caucus

By on April 23, 2017

PDP Rep. Luis Vega Ramos scrutinized Ricardo Rosselló and the NPP for their ties to the accused former UPR rectors. (Inter News Service)

PDP Rep. Luis Vega Ramos (File)

SAN JUAN – Rep. Luis Vega Ramos left the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) House caucus after the party’s minority whip, Rafael “Tatito” Hernández, criticized him for not supporting party decisions.

During his turn to speak at the party’s general assembly, where a boycott of the June 11 political-status referendum was approved, Hernández criticized members of the PDP who “abandon” the party during difficult times.

Vega Ramos took the statement personally because of his ideological differences with the party and decided to no longer participate in that party’s lower chamber caucus be known.
After larning of Vega Ramos’ remarks, the PDP whip said that he will accept the representative’s resignation as soon as he receives it in writing.

“I am formally notifying Rep. Luis Vega Ramos that if he really considering abandoning the PDP delegation in the House, even though the message was not intended for you, have Luis Raúl Torres’ courage and notify your intention in writing, which we will respectfully accept, with much regret,” the PDP spokesman said.

Earlier, Vega Ramos said he would not participate in the PDP caucus until Hernández apologizes for his remarks during his turn at the General Assembly.

Two weeks ago, Rep. Luis Raúl Torres left the PDP House caucus due to his differences with Hernández, and allegedly because of the way he runs the PDP delegation’s meetings.

Hernández reiterated that Vega Ramos must present his resignation from the caucus in writing, adding, “through our actions we have demonstrated the complete fulfillment of our word with respect, deference and sincerity. We must always be consistent, and not only when the delegation defends the right of a member out of deference, even if the delegation does not endorse it,” he said.

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