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[VIDEO] Responsibility of complying with health and safety protocols falls on employers

By on May 1, 2020

SAN JUAN — Puerto Rico’s secretary of Economic Development and Commerce, Manuel Laboy, confirmed Friday that the supervision of compliance with the guidelines and protocols to be followed by companies authorized to resume operations is in the hands of the employers and their employees.

In an interview with CB en Español, Laboy maintained that the guidelines to follow are already established by the Puerto Rico Occupational Safety and Health Administration (PR OSHA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and each employer will have to “self-certify” as complying with them.

“The key is that each employer assumes the responsibility for the health and safety of their employees who are their main resource,” he stressed.

“Each sector is responsible for the protocols that correspond to its industry. However, as part of the work of the economic task force in conjunction with the medical task force, if we have been able to prepare a series of documents, guides and forms that will provide business owners with the activities that are now going to be allowed and those that they were already exempt so that they can access them as of Monday [May 4] on our Department of Economic Development and Commerce website,” Laboy said.

The official stressed that each industry and each employer is responsible for meeting the guidelines and protocols published by the CDC and OSHA.

Likewise, employers are responsible for “doing their self-assessment and self-certification.”

See the interview (in Spanish).

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