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Vieques Residents Urged to Express Themselves About Bridge to Ceiba

By on April 2, 2016

SAN JUAN – Popular Democratic Party Sen. Pedro Rodríguez González urged the citizens of Vieques to exercise their vote ahead of a referendum Sunday on the construction of a bridge between Ceiba and Vieques.

Pedro Rodriguez Gonzalez

Sen. Pedro Rodríguez González

An ordinance was approved by the Vieques legislature includes an allocation in the 2016 municipal budget for the cost of holding a vote on whether to build a bridge between the two towns. The measure proposes various financing alternatives for the project.

Over the years, groups against or in favor have held both demonstrations and referendums. In a statement Saturday, the senator said Vieques residents should “use this opportunity to express themselves, as the proposal to build a 6.5-mile bridge would provide access to the [island] and, in turn, Vieques residents would gain access to markets, health services, among other services that are not available in [Vieques].”

According to the statement, a study found no coral marine life would be affected by the construction of the bridge.

“The [people of Vieques] are who must express themselves on the matter since this was an initiative by their municipal legislature, and they are the ones who have the right to say what they want. If the consultation is favorable, I believe the completion of the bridge should be through a public-private partnership,” the senator said.

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