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WAPA TV Joins Evertec in ATH Móvil for Puerto Rico

By on November 16, 2021

WAPA TV personalities from TV shows such as “Noticentro al Amanecer,” “Pégate al Mediodía,” “Viva la Tarde,” “Lo Sé Todo” and “Guerreros” (Courtesy)

Initiative Seeks to Increase Awareness, Promote Growth of NonProfits 

San Juan — WAPA TV is joining Evertec’s ATH Móvil for Puerto Rico initiative to promote the growth of nonprofit organizations on the island. To celebrate the recent launch of the ATH and ATH Móvil brands, the companies joined to launch the ATH Móvil for Puerto Rico Week with a contest in which the nonprofits registered to receive donations through the ATH Móvil app’s “Donate” option will have an opportunity to receive a $5,000 donation by transaction processor Evertec. 

The purpose of the contest, which runs through Nov. 19, is to increase awareness and exposure of local nonprofits and show the work they do for the socioeconomic well-being of Puerto Rico. 

“Technology unites us and brings us closer. ATH Móvil has transformed and facilitated the way payments are made on the island. Today, we are focusing our efforts on promoting the ‘Donate’ functionality within ATH Movil, which allows individuals to send money to nonprofits in an immediate and easy manner. Since this service was launched, we’ve made it easier for nonprofit organizations to raise funds so they continue to grow and expand their operations which are essential during critical times when the island needs them most.

“Through ATH Móvil for Puerto Rico, we want to highlight, provide visibility and continue to support the great work these nonprofits perform,” said Alexandra López Soler, Evertec’s chief marketing officer, who added that more than 700 nonprofits that support a variety of causes of great socioeconomic impact on the island are registered in the ATH Móvil app’s “Donate” feature. 

The initiative is designed as a contest in which the general public will have the opportunity to donate to the more than 700 nonprofits in the app. At then end of the week, the six nonprofits that receive the most donations will each receive a $5,000 bonus from Evertec. 

To increase exposure and raise the most funds possible, WAPA TV personalities from TV shows such as “Noticentro al Amanecer,” “Pégate al Mediodía,” “Viva la Tarde,” “Lo Sé Todo” and “Guerreros” will promote the contest during the week and motivate ATH users to make donations to the nonprofits selected by each of the TV shows and also support their favorite organizations. These include Adopta Ahora, an organization dedicated to promoting the adoption of kids ages 6 to 17; Colitas Sonrientes, which focuses on helping rescued dogs and cats find homes; Familias Capaces, which is dedicated to strengthening family relationships; Hogar Ruth, which provides shelter to women who are victims of domestic violence and their children; and Extra Bases, an organization founded by baseball great Carlos Delgado that helps supports services to Puerto Rico’s youth. 

“Our commitment goes beyond the screen. We have the responsibility to benefit and support the community through a variety of ways. This is one of them, as we invite our viewers and digital platform followers to make a difference by sending their contributions to foundations and nonprofits that are in great need of the generosity of others to provide continuity to their services. During this week, our programs will give exposure to nonprofits that target diverse causes, and we trust that the results will greatly benefit these organizations,” said William Ortiz, Digital Sales manager for WAPA TV. 

Furthermore, a diverse group of influencers will collaborate in the effort by asking their followers to support the island’s nonprofits. The winning organizations will be announced during a WAPA TV broadcast and through Evertec’s social media pages on Nov. 29. For contest rules and additional information, nonprofits that are active on ATH Móvil’s “Donate” feature may visit

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