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Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda Plea for Puerto Rico Relief on ‘Last Week Tonight’

By on April 25, 2016

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Lin-Manuel Miranda

SAN JUAN – “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda delivered a two-minute plea for Puerto Rico debt relief Sunday on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” with host John Oliver.

Oliver likens the island to Tower Records, where “everything’s overpriced, everyone’s being laid off, and there is still a really weird number of Ricky Martin CDs.”

Following Oliver’s breakdown of the island’s 10-year economic crisis and massive $70 billion public debt the commonwealth government says is unpayable, the widely acclaimed theater performer, whose parents are Puerto Rican, delivered a “Hamilton”-like rap to help the “commonwealth without a lot of wealth.”

Watch the Pulitzer Prize winner’s spot starting at the video’s 19-minute mark in the clip above.

“To recap, 3.5 million American civilians are on the hook for billions. Vulture funds are circling and lobbying for payout. There’s nothing left to tax or cut. We’re stuck, we need a way out,” Miranda pled.

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