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Water utility union concerned ahead of Tropical Storm Dorian

By on August 27, 2019

Union leader Pedro Irene Maymí (CB file photo)

Labor leader warns Prasa doesn’t have enough vehicles, materials

Written by Antonio Luis Negrón Cruz

SAN JUAN — The executive president of the Independent Authentic Union of the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (Prasa), Pedro Irene Maymí, expressed concern Tuesday about the possible passage of Tropical Storm Dorian through the island because he believes the utility is not prepared to face the weather event.

“As we had pointed out on June 13 this year, the Aqueduct Authority is not prepared to deal with the possible emergency ahead. The fleet of vehicles has not arrived, the vehicles for the commercial offices and that during the last emergency were used to complement in areas of need have not been purchased, there is a lack of materials and equipment that could affect our workers’ provision of services,” the union leader said in a statement.

Maymí stressed that the union and workers’ commitment to the island was demonstrated in the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and María in 2017.

“Our union partners have a commitment to take give it their all for our country to maintain service during emergency situations for events like the one that is coming, which was clearly demonstrated during hurricanes Irma and María. So much so that the Aqueduct Authority looked pretty good for the efforts of the Authority’s workers to get the water and sewerage systems operating. However, when they read and listen to news about the possible privatization of the Authority, their spirits are affected,” said the labor leader.

“Despite the commitment that the workers and the Union have with the country, we have to raise a red flag about the situations that occur in the Authority and that may affect the operation of the system. We have to question if the supply of chemical products is adequate, if there is enough diesel in the emergency generators, if there are emergency generators in the important facilities and what the useful life is of the existing generators, since all this directly affects the service offered by Prasa,” he concluded.

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