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Women Appointed to Head Justice, Police Departments

By on November 30, 2016

SAN JUAN—Puerto Rico Governor-elect Ricardo Rosselló Nevares carried out his second round of cabinet announcements Wednesday morning, with the designation of Wanda Vázquez Garced as Justice Department Secretary and Michelle Hernández Fraley as Police Department superintendent, the first time a woman would occupy such a role.

(Photo: CB/Limarys Suarez)

Vázquez Garced, who currently heads the Women’s Advocate Office, boasts 30 years of public service. After a short stint at the Housing Department, she spent 24 years as a prosecutor in the Justice Department.

“In the fight against corruption, organized crime and drug trafficking, you will know the strength of a woman in the Department of Justice. I am very grateful for the opportunity,” said Vázquez Garced during a press conference held at the Old Casino in Old San Juan.

“We have full confidence in both appointees and we know that they will play an extraordinary role in the battle for justice and for the safety of the people of Puerto Rico, “said Rosselló Nevares.

Hernández Fraley’s designation as Police Superintendent is but the latest achievement in the career of the highly decorated official, being the first Puerto Rican woman to graduate from West Point Military Academy and serving as the former chief of staff of the Army Network Enterprise Technology Command.

After a 30-year military career, she retired from the United States Army in 2014 and returned to Puerto Rico, where she was appointed as special assistant to the Puerto Rico Police Superintendent, leading the Strategic Initiative Group and later being put in charge of the department’s police academy.

“I thank the governor for the opportunity and renew the commitment I have have shown with the Police Department for the past two and a half years. There is still work to do, but we should be proud of our police because we are on the right track,” said Hernández Fraley.

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